Production of merino knit goods

The various merino knit goods are produced on a warp knitting machine specifically developed for this material by Marcus Thümling. The intended later use and requirements to the subsequent finishing of the knit goods are decisive here. Any colour or finish is possible upon customer request

For example, additional properties, such as increased elasticity or reduced pilling, can be created by blending in other natural and synthetic fibres as well as elastane. The fabric is resistant to forming ladders. The knit goods are produced and finished in Germany exclusively

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We will glady produce your merino knit yard goods with customised finishing or at standard Thümling quality.

Overview of the advantages of our merino wool knit goods:
- extremely strong
- resistant to ladders
- very low pilling

Thümling sources its mulesing-free fine merino wool fibres from certified suppliers in New Zealand and Australia.Mulesing means removal of the skin around the tail of sheep without anaesthesia. Unfortunately, this remains a common procedure to prevent infestation with fly maggots.The fibres, produced in accordance with the Ökotex standard, have excellent characteristics that give the multi-talent merino wool its great properties for the special knitting process and subsequent production.

Are you looking for merino knit goods produced ecologically and socially compatibly based on the globally known Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)?
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