Natural textiles

We produce NXTMERINO merino knit goods (merino jersey) in Germany exclusively. Industrial yard goods, finishing on customer request, small quantities on request.


At the moment, we are developing a small collection of merino jersey garments to be produced on our own knitting machines and completed in our region. Go to the collection

Knitting machines

Customised development, design, and commissioning of knitting machines (small series, starting at batch size 1) for yarns of synthetic and natural fibres as well as pile knitting machines.


Worldwide trade, improvement, and modernisation of textile machines. Contact us for the latest offers, purchase requests, or machine assessments.


Merino Jersey Products

The unexpectedly high demand has prompted us to offer a small collection of our merino knit goods. The merino jersey used for it was produced on our knitting machines in Germany.
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