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Sold by the meter industry

Would you like to process NXTMERINO© commercially? We produce exclusively to order, according to our color collection or in your individual color wishes. Regardless of whether you would like to order our trend colors or have your own color requests, please contact us by email or telephone. We advise you on feasibility, price tiers and scheduling issues.

Contact person

Michaela Thümling

+49 (0) 9289 97114



TIP: Private sewing projects

Would you like to buy NXTMERINO© for private sewing projects? We have a cooperation with an online retailer. The Zuleeg company sells many NXTMERINO colors in its online shop (


TIP: Buy outdoor shirts made from NXTMERINO


The development of NXTMERINO by Marcus Thümling and his team and the promise of its unique properties is not just pure theory. Together with his wife, he produced his own small collection of shirts, which are available in selected sports stores. The customer reports are consistently positive!

Dealer list:

Bernsdorfer Straße 68
09126 Chemnitz
Tel.: 0371/5607550

Fun&Race Ski Service
André Fischer
Meierhof 50
95213 Münchberg
Tel.: 0170/9011156

Sport Knabner GmbH
Hauptstraße 8
96355 Tettau
Tel.: 09269/9610

Guter Griff
Angerstr. 53
04177 Leipzig
Tel.: 0341/4773130

Badstraße 5
95138 Bad Steben
Tel.: 09288/550365

Ludwigstraße 29
95028 Hof/Saale
Tel.: 09281/8609325

Sport-Frank e.K.
Lorenzstraße 22
95028 Hof/Saale
Tel.: 09281/3721

Der Gipfelgrat
Könneritzstraße 33
01067 Dresden
Tel.: 0351/4902642

Der Skandinavier
Carl-Burger-Str. 2
95445 Bayreuth
Tel.: 0921/78663303

Mehrprofi GmbH
Friedrich-Otto-Schimmel-Str. 2
09120 Chemnitz
Tel.: 0371/4005692

Payola GmbH
Große Steinstr. 74
06108 Halle a.d. Saale
Tel.: 0345/2021300


Thümling Textilmaschinen GmbH
Nordstraße 23 / 95131 Schwarzenbach am Wald / Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 9289 97113  |  Fax: +49 (0) 9289 97115  |  E-Mail: