Production by NXTMERINO


Made in Germany

The various Merino knitted goods, predominantly NXTMERINO©, are produced on a warp knitting machine specially developed by Marcus Thümling in Schwarzbach am Wald in Bavaria. The future intended use and customer requirements play a decisive role. In addition to the collection colors, individual colors can also be implemented. NXTMERINO© can also be printed with your own textile designs. We would be happy to put you in touch with textile designers upon request. The production and equipment of NXTMERINO© takes place exclusively in Germany. We can meet the needs of our industrial customers in the clothing industry on time.

Why is NXTMERINO© so soft?

Merino wool fiber is obtained from the fur of New Zealand and Australian Merino sheep. The sheep breed is known for its extremely soft wool. The wool is spun into a superfine yarn (17.5 microns) from which NXTMERINO© is made. Most people can no longer feel scratching at a micron value below 22, which is still clearly noticeable with normal sheep's wool, for example. Marcus Thümling designed the warp knitting machine in such a way that the knitted fabric is made from 100% merino wool fibers in an extremely gentle manner. This maintains the softness of the fiber and thus the special feel of the textile weave.


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