NXTMERINO - A long sleeve for all occasions

 that I can rely on, that can withstand any weather, doesn't wear out in rough terrain and feels good on the skin. It should look high-quality so that I can also work with experts from science and research. Ecologically sustainable production is important to me.
I tested the NXTMerino long sleeve on a five-day climbing and mountain tour in the Alps. All weather conditions from sunshine and rain to icy days with fresh snow awaited us.
The first impression: What was initially striking was the very pleasant feel. The fabric felt wonderfully soft and is comfortable to wear on the skin. The shirt smelled like wool without any chemical additives. The logo made a high-quality impression.
After five days of intense activity, there were still no unpleasant odors in the long sleeve. The shirt kept you warm even on long, cold rainy days and dried quickly on the skin afterwards. On warm sunny days it was breathable and there was no heat build-up. The endurance test showed that even after being completely soaked during washing in the evening, the long sleeve was dry again and ready for use the next morning. It also returned to its original shape.
A look at the homepage provided information about the ecological balance. The wool has come a long way: it now grows on Merino sheep in New Zealand and Australia. However, the knitted fabric was produced in Germany. According to the manufacturer, the raw materials come from “ethically justifiable sources”. What that means in concrete terms remains unclear. However, explicit reference is made to the avoidance of the mulesing process, which is very painful for lambs, in order to prevent the animals from becoming infested with maggots. As a natural product, the long sleeve is completely biodegradable.

The NXTMerino longsleeve proved to be a versatile companion with a very high level of comfort that could be relied on even during demanding activities. I am thrilled with the new long sleeve and can fully recommend it.

Petra Maier editorial team
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