Feel good with NXTMERINO

 Thümling Textilmaschinen GmbH on one of my last Alpine tours. In addition to the very pleasant, soft feel, it proved to be the ideal companion - whether on a cold morning, in the midday heat or even on a rainy day. Due to daily days in alpine terrain, the shirt was subjected to a lot of wear and tear for a week and still remained impressively odorless. It dried very quickly and was back to its original shape after washing out.
As a nature lover, trainer and enthusiastic hiker and cross-country skier, I ordered a mint-colored short-sleeved shirt from the large selection of colors after my return. In the future, not only will I feel wonderful wearing them every day, but I can also save unnecessary luggage with the lightweight NXT Merino shirts.
Since I'm out and about all year round, I'll always have the colorful merino shirts from Thümling with me from now on and of course I'll recommend them to others.

Sincerely …. Svetlana
Svetlana Richter
Employee at advertising agency aanders
Systemic coach & resilience trainer

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